Don’t Waste Your Time

Seriously, I want you to be successful. Do you really want to learn how to build your business through client and professional referrals? If not, you are probably in the wrong place.

The Referral Rainmaking system has been road-tested with thousands of business leaders and professionals, from sole practitioners to big firms, with consistent and predictable results. As such, I can guarantee that you will achieve a consistent flow of referrals or I will personally return 100% of your investment and you can keep any value you received from Referral Rainmaking.

Here’ the Three-Point Deal:

  1. Purchase any Referral Rainmaking product or service.
  2. Study the material.
  3. Do the exercises.

After applying the Referral Rainmaking principles, should you not be satisfied with your results, e-mail me your receipt and a sampling of your work product from the exercises and I will personally make sure your money is returned to you. That’s it, no questions asked.

Of course, I would love to know specifics so I can improve the value of my offering for others but it is not a requirement of the refund.

My personal contact information is:

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Cell | (805) 469-8123
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Thank you for your investment of your time and money. I sincerely appreciate your confidence and your desire to become better at your craft.