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Hi, my name is Marc Stein and the author of Referral Rainmaking. I have spent the better part of two decades fine-tuning my Referral Rainmaking system to help even the most reluctant rainmakers grow their revenues without expensive marketing, cold calling, or direct selling.

I have been a partner and chief marketing officer of a multimillion-dollar professional service business (built in less than six years), which we sold at an industry-high sum to a multinational market leader, an owner/operator of an international publisher and cataloger of multimedia learning products, a principal in a management consulting firm, philanthropic leader, and a private investor in many exciting and profitable ventures.

Throughout my career, I have personally originated millions of dollars in new referral business and taught thousands of others to do the same. I know this stuff works. Just one referral produced $202 million in sales for one of my Texas clients using an earlier version of what you will learn here.

You can be a successful rainmaker and I can help you get there fast. What happens if you do nothing? Nothing will happen.


What Others Say

  • My company relies on referrals for over 90% of our sales and when I read this book it gave me some excellent ideas on getting and more importantly growing and expanding our business. Marc is a master of logical business and marketing ideas and it really shows in Referral Rainmaking. It is a easily read and absorbed book that can help you not just with business, but also in building top notch relationships of all kinds. I highly recommend it!

    Mike Descher | CEO, MediaGroup
  • While reading this book, I had a lot of moments where I kept saying 'I did that once before and it worked great, why don't I do that all the time?' This provided a great way to be more intentional with the things that I'm already, but doing it to generate referrals. The simple story on page 48 is something that I've frequently done and enjoyed doing...but I've done it just as part of developing my relationships, never for referrals.

    Charlie Cutler | Managing Director, Churchwest Insurance Services


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