I Get It

Hi, my name is Marc Stein and the author of Referral Rainmaking. I have spent the better part of two decades fine-tuning my Referral Rainmaking system to help even the most reluctant rainmakers grow their revenues without expensive marketing, cold calling, or direct selling.

I have been a partner and chief marketing officer of a multimillion-dollar professional service business (built in less than six years), which we sold at an industry-high sum to a multinational market leader, an owner/operator of an international publisher and cataloger of multimedia learning products, a principal in a management consulting firm, philanthropic leader, and a private investor in many exciting and profitable ventures.

Throughout my career, I have personally originated millions of dollars in new referral business and taught thousands of others to do the same. I know this stuff works. Just one referral produced $202 million in sales for one of my Texas clients using an earlier version of what you will learn here.

You can be a successful rainmaker and I can help you get there fast. What happens if you do nothing? Nothing will happen.